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Coronavirus Information

Coronavirus Information

Coronavirus Update 24/03/20

By now almost everybody will have seen the announcements by both the Prime Minister and First Minister. While there are many questions left unanswered, the one thing is clear - we must all change our habits for the good of our loved ones but also those we don't know.

The NHS are under enormous pressures and that will only increase. The message we have received in the Holiday Park industry is loud and clear. We have been instructed to close without delay. The government has advised that measures will be reviewed in 3 weeks but it's important we act now.

The Park will therefore close at 4pm today 24 March to allow those that are here, time to get things together and shut up their holiday homes. It will also allow our staff a chance to get home and be safe with their families.

We have staff working from home who will be contacting those with bookings and answering emails. There will not be staff onsite to answer phone calls, so please don't call in - email is the best way of contacting us.

Our website will also be updated on our Coronvirus page as often as possible.

We need to fight this together for the good of everyone. Please be careful and take care of each other and we'll see you once this is over.

Coronavirus Update 17/03/20
We are introducing this page to keep all of our valued customers up to date with the guidance we are receiving from the Government and our trade association, BH & HPA and the impact the Coronavirus, Covid 19.
It’s important we all work together on this for the good of everyone and we propose to keep going as long as we can as we strive to maintain a quality service to the best of our abilities.
For a number of years we have been praised for cleanliness by AA and Visitscotland, and while we're proud of that, we realise there's more to do in the current climate.
We have introduced stricter cleaning regimes, with more surfaces being wiped down, more frequently than before and staff are wearing disposable gloves when working in public areas.
As the park is quiet just now our launderette and games rooms remain open, though this may be revised as we are reviewing plans daily as the situation changes. There are hand gel dispensers in the Touring block, games room and staff room. Each hire caravan also has soap for customers’ arrival.
We will be self isolating as necessary, with staff working from home where possible and only working in pairs when safety requires it onsite.
The safety of our staff and customers is always uppermost in our minds. However we are also a means of getting away from it all for our customers and will seek to provide our services as much as we can, given the circumstances. We would ask that if anyone is self isolating in their holiday home that they let us know so we can help where we can, if possible.
If there is a need for one of our staff to visit a holiday home to assist with an issue, in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, we will ask that only one other person be present in the room at the same time or alternatively, if we can attend when no one is at home. The one person rule will also apply if we are showing a party to a hire  caravan or lodge.
We will attempt to reduce meetings in our office and communicate by phone or email.
When showing caravans for sale, we will hand over keys for those that belong to the Company and will only show one person in at a time.
We realise that some of these practices may be inconvenient but hope people will appreciate we re just trying to do what’s best. If the scientific and medical experts are not certain on the way forward then we can’t be either.
Our thoughts are with those affected by the virus, particularly those who are sick. We wish those that are ill, a speedy recovery.
We are still open for business and welcome those who wish to come. There is plenty of open space on the park for visitors to enjoy.
If you have already made a booking for touring and/or hire and wish to change it or cancel, we are waiving our normal policy and offering full refunds up til the day of arrival, instead of the normal restrictions.
To summarise –

Hand Washing – we have all been told more frequent handwashing is essential, for at least 20 seconds with hot soapy water, or hand sanitizer if soap is not available.
- sanitizer gel is in our Touring Block, Reception and main Games room for public use
- we provide soap dispensers in our Touring block and hire caravans
Increased Cleaning
- we have increased the frequency and depth of our cleaning in all public areas
- staff will be wearing disposal gloves in public areas
- our hire fleet has been reduced in size and this will give us more time to clean
Social distancing
- we are reducing the number of customer interactions in the office/ reception
- we are reducing the number of people in meetings to 2
Self isolation-
- if a visitor is self isolating on the park, we would appreciate being told as this would prove helpful to all of us
- any one of our staff who has been told to self isolate will do so per government advice
- our staff will only work in pairs when safety regulations requires it
- we will maintain distancing advice as and when this is given to us by the authorities
By working together we will beat this awful illness and come out stronger.